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Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Department of Electrical Engineering/ Center of Astro-Engineering (AIUC, www.aiuc.puc.cl)

The School of Engineering at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile is one of the leading engineering academic institutions in Latin America and recognized as one of the top four emerging leaders for engineering education worldwide (http://news.mit.edu/2018/reimagining-and-rethinking-engineering-education-0327 ), invites outstanding candidates for three full-time faculty positions at the Assistant or Associate levels in the areas of Communications, Power Electronics, Microelectronics, Electromagnetics, and Astronomical Instrumentation at the Department of Electrical Engineering. The applicants must have an ability and commitment to excellence in independent research and teaching in one of the areas mentioned above. Previous experience in teaching and research, having led or participated in research and development projects, and having a technological or experimental approach will be considered positively.

Applicants to the available position in Astronomical Instrumentation are required to hold a Ph.D. degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, or Physics, Astrophysics or related fields. The search is open to all areas of astronomical instrumentation, defined as experimental hardware and software developments for the study of the Cosmos and aerospace exploration. These areas include, but are not limited to: visible and near-infrared spectroscopy, adaptive optics, and millimetric astronomy. The successful candidate is expected to affiliate with the Center of Astro Engineering (AIUC, www.aiuc.puc.cl), an interdisciplinary initiative of the Faculties of Engineering and Physics, created to promote the development of astronomical technology in Chile, taking advantage of the presence of major international observatories in the country. The AIUC has its own equipped laboratories. In turn, the AIUC is closely related to the Institute of Astrophysics of the University, whose faculty are members of the Chilean community with 10% privileged access on all telescopes in Chile, including ESO/Paranal’s 4x8m VLT and 4m VISTA, La Silla’s 3.5m NTT and 3.6m and 2.2m telescopes, Gemini-South 8m, Carnegie’s 2.5m and Magellan 2×6.5m, CTIO’s 4m (Blanco), SOAR 4m, as well as ASTE, APEX, and ALMA. There is also significant interest to work towards next-generation telescopes to be placed in Chile, such as ELT, LSST, GMT, and CTA.

Candidates do not need to be fluent in Spanish at the time of application, but should be willing to learn the language well enough to teach in this language within two years. Fluency in English is a requirement.

Applicants must demonstrate a strong commitment to all aspects of academic life and public good of the institution. They must be highly motivated to continuously improve their teaching skills, have a genuine interest in getting involved with our graduate programs (specially the doctoral program) and be able to develop and maintain an active research agenda leading to high quality publications, securing research grants, generating and participating in interdisciplinary projects, leading scientific and industry-liaison initiatives, strengthening and creating national and international academic networks, etc. The successful candidates may also be expected to create new undergraduate and graduate courses and teach traditional courses in related areas.

Applicants should submit by email and in pdf format to  vacantes-academicas@ing.puc.cl 

the following documents: a research statement indicating the immediate and long-term goals of the applicant’s research plan; a brief cover letter; a teaching statement of purpose; an updated CV; if available, copy of five recent, relevant WoS publications, and at least three letters of recommendation, e-mailed directly by who signs the recommendation to vacantes-academicas@ing.puc.cl. More detailed application instructions, as well as details on the remaining areas, can be found at https://www.ing.uc.cl/trabaja-con-nosotros/areas-to-apply-2/, by following “Faculty positions in Electrical Engineering”.

The Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile is committed to equal opportunity and diversity in its workforce. Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

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