FIDEOS is the second high resolution spectrograph developed at the AIUC after the successful experience of PUCHEROS (include link to Pucheros). The concept instrument is the same, basically a relatively high resolution spectrograph for the optical spectral range providing relatively high stability for radial velocity measurement.

The characteristics of the instrument are:

Spectral range 400 – 750 nm
Spectral Resolution 40,000
Aperture on sky 1.9 arcsec diameter
Telescope ESO 1m, La Silla
Calibration Symultaneous ThAr or Iodine
Detector FLI PL 230


The optical design is a classic echelle based on a R2.7 grating, cross dispersion is provided by two prisms.

The instrument is thermally stabilized and mounted on anti-vibration supports to provide high stability. Wavelength calibration is provided by simultaneous spectrum of a ThAr lamp.

Team :

  • Leonardo Vanzi (PI)
  • Amokrane Berdja (Optical design)
  • Mauricio Flores (Mechanical design)
  • Samuel Ropert (Instrument control)
  • Marcelo Tala (Assembling, testing, optical design, fibre)
  • Tzu Chen (Software)
  • Matias Jones (Science)



FIDEOS Optical Layout

Instrument Concept