“MOONS is a new Multi Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph for the Very Large Telescope (VLT). To the observers disposal are ~1000 fibers over a field of view of ~500 square arcmin, the largest patrol field offered by the Nasmyth focus at the VLT. The total wavelength coverage is 0.8μm-1.8μm and two resolution modes: medium resolution and high resolution. At the Centre for Astro-engineering here at Universidad Católica we are focused on the precise, high-speed measurement for the positions (Metrology) of the ~1000 fibers.

Figure 1

Team Members:

  • Leonardo Vanzi
  • Holger Drass
  • Rolando Dünner
  • Miguel Torres
  • Louise Dauvin
  • Francisco Belmar

The international, multidisciplinary team at AIUC, working on the MOONS metrology consist of Astronomers and Engineers from different areas. Together they are designing building and commissioning a system to measure the positions of ~1000 fiber exact to few micrometer (thousands of a millimetre or the width of a cotton fiber).   The system consist of cameras and lamps and is organised in a circular structure as part of the spectrograph’s  Rotating Front End. The camera/lamp units are symbolised by green boxes in the next Figure:

Figure 2

The Cameras are observing the focal plane array in as shown in Figure XXX and focal plane coverage is shown in Figure 4 (right).

Figure 3

Figure 4

On the focal plane array (Figure 5 right) each honeycomb is filled with motorised positioning units. ~1000 in total. The metrology system is targeting two dots on top of the arm like structure as shown in Figure 5(rosa).

Figure 5

For further details on the MOONS project, please see Interested in working with us? Please contact Leonardo Vanzi or Holger Drass.